It’s hard to believe Bitcoin Day was only a year ago. Let’s go back to El Salvador in anticipation of that faithful day’s celebrations, you’ll find that the country is booming with activity. This compilation of news has it all; from tourism to mining, from conferences to meetups. For a while there, the war with the gangs monopolized El Salvador-related headlines, but with Bitcoin Day’s anniversary on the horizon, it’s time to go back to basics.

High-Level People Prepare For Bitcoin Day’s Celebrations

  • First of all, tourism in El Salvador is back at pre-pandemic levels and then some. President Bukele clarifies that the charts refer to “international tourism,” so the main drivers are “Bitcoin and surf.” Not only that, “internal tourism is growing even more, mainly because of our crackdown on gangs.”
  • Since the original Bitcoin Day, mining in El Salvador has done nothing but grow. In the following video, Anchor mining shows the immersion coolers they brought to El Salvador. Plus, in the tweet, the company’s founder makes a promise.“Soon to launch the educational project where my team will be explaining how immersion cooling is the future of the hashrate decentralization.”
  • This could be huge or nothing at all. Investment platform BankToTheFuture and President Bukele are working on “a number of recovery plans in El Salvador for global distressed Bitcoin lending companies.” Is it possible that the bitcoin lending companies’ future is in the only country with favorable legislation? Or are bitcoin lending companies done for good?

Meeting Bitcoin-People Is Easy

  • Roman Martinez and Mike Peterson from Bitcoin Beach gave a presentation at the Surfin Bitcoin conference in Biarritz, France. The project that started it all’s legend keeps spreading far and wide. The tweet says, “Probably the most touching conference.The emotion is palpable in Bitcoin Beach. They are proud of their country, proud to be pioneers.”
  • And speaking about Roman and the Bitcoin Beach team, they know how important the upcoming anniversary is. “Join us for the one year anniversary of Bitcoin Day in El Salvador! Our Bitcoin Beach meet-up will turn into a celebration party you can’t miss!”
  • Plus, the Bitcoin Beach team recently received a delegation from the Parlamento Centroamericano AKA Parlacen. “They heard the story of Hope House and how our Bitcoin Beach project used Bitcoin as a tool for financial inclusion and empowerment of the community,” Roman informed.
  • The people from the My First Bitcoin education initiative also run a monthly bitcoin meetup. The only difference is that they do it in San Salvador, the capital. “All of our friends in El Salvador will join us tomorrow for our Bitcoin monthly meetup,” the announcement tweet manifests.

Last But Nor least, Nashin Bupele

  • Since the original Bitcoin Day, El Salvador is everywhere. To prove that, this is a scene from a Korean soap opera in which someone gives a presentation on El Salvador and its bitcoin adoption.

The table is set for Bitcoin Day’s first anniversary. The world was a whole different beast when El Salvador adopted bitcoin as legal tender. That reminds us of Max Keiser’s classic question, is bitcoin a reaction to the chaos or is bitcoin creating the chaos? In El Salvador’s case, the answer is obvious. Bitcoin is taking the country to the next level. 

DeLorme, El Salvador flagEl Salvador prepares for Bitcoin Day’s first anniversary.