Ankr, a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider announced a partnership with Microsoft in order to provide support to organizations and enterprises requiring access to blockchain data and node hosting services. Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace will make sure that the new service is readily and easily accessible.

Ankr-Microsoft Team To Boost Blockchain Infra

The collaboration between the two giants will be an integration of technology. This will see pairing Ankr’s innovative blockchain infrastructure with Microsoft’s cloud solutions aiming to serve millions of users.

According to the announcement,

The enterprise node deployment service will be live for global users with low latency blockchain connections. This move aims to help any Web3 project or developer so they can work effortlessly on innovating and escalating their Web3 applications.

Ankr led solutions combined with Azure will have a chance to build a base for the most powerful industry solutions. As expected it will create a stronger infrastructure layer for the industry. However, the partnership will provide a new avenue to grab more users with serving a massive amount of RPC traffic.

The technical collaboration among the firms will kick in blockchain infrastructure to absorb a growing sector of the digital economy. However, this deal can be termed a milestone for Ankr. While it is also a key indicator of how far the decentralized web can go by integrating vital industry leaders.

Unique Services To For Global Needs

It is being mentioned that emerging Web3 firms that need dedicated nodes can easily relay transactions, deploy smart contracts, reliability, security and more can rely on Ankr and Azure.

Ankr and Microsoft team expect that the end result of this collaboration will be a period of huge prolific building for blockchain based applications from emerging Web3 projects. Both will look to produce a fully managed node hosting solution. However, the product will come with a complete choice of custom specifications that will include blockchain nodes for memory, bandwidth and more.

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