When uncertainty hits the financial sector, the housing market is rarely far behind, causing nervousness among investment property enthusiasts. As the global banking crisis threatens to deepen, investment property experts are beginning to look to diversify their portfolios to protect their money from market fluctuations in real estate.

One token that looks like a perfect fit for investors seeking to move funds away from the property market is AltSignals’ new ASI coin which has just launched its presale event. Here’s why ASI could record huge gains this year while investment property fans move away from the real estate market.

AltSignals: New native ASI token has a bright future

AltSignals launched its online trading platform in 2017 and has quickly grown into one of the most trusted suppliers of high-quality trading signals. Over the past five years, the AltSignals community has grown to more than 50,000 members, of which 1,400 are VIP members, all of whom rely on the accurate and highly-informed trading signals powered by AltSignals’ pioneering AltAlgo™ trading indicator tool.

The release of the ASI token is designed to support the implementation of a new AI-powered trading stack called ActualizeAI, which will augment the existing AltAlgo™ outputs with cutting-edge AI capability. This innovation is designed to turbocharge AltSignals’ outputs, taking them to unprecedented accuracy and moving the platform to the forefront of the AI/blockchain revolution.

News of the ASI ICO has captured the imagination of AltSignals’ large existing community alongside interested onlookers in the investment community. Some interested parties could be investment property enthusiasts looking to protect their funds as real estate markets record growing uncertainty.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is among the most trusted providers of successful and accurate trading signals. This is illustrated by the platform gaining an average 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot, courtesy of almost 500 positive reviews, and a success rate on calling Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) trades of more than 70%.

Alongside daily crypto trades, AltSignals provides valuable signals on various other trades, including Forex, CFD, traditional share trades, and Binance futures. And in 19 out of 32 months, Binance Futures holders made 10x gains on their portfolio.

This success has been driven by AltAlgo™ and is set to reach new levels with the development of the ActualizeAI trading stack, which will apply the best AI technologies to outputs, driving improvements in accuracy and helping the community maximize the profitability of their decision-making.

Machine learning will soon enable rules-based logic to be applied to outputs, which benefit from regressive pattern recognition that understands how markets operate. This learning cycle is quickened by natural learning processing (NLP) before predictive modeling applies historical data trends. These trends, which will improve as more data is available over time, will work with reinforcement learning to allow ActualizeAI to provide accurate predictions and balance the risk/reward ratio on all trades.

How will ASI token work?

The release of the ASI token is timed to coincide with the development and testing of ActualizeAI while simultaneously underpinning AltSignals’ entire ecosystem. Coin holders will gain immediate access to ActualizeAI’s trading stack once it’s released, with access managed on two different levels. Token holders with more than 50,000 coins will be granted lifetime membership, while those with fewer tokens gain access for one year.

In addition, ASI coin holders will unlock several other perks and benefits through membership in the exclusive AI Members Club. For example, club membership unlocks entry into regular online trading tournaments and access to some of the most exciting and potentially lucrative early access private and presale opportunities to support new crypto projects.

Finally, ASI will be the medium of exchange on the platform, unlocking access to educational material to support traders of all abilities and expertise on their trading journeys while enabling all transactions on the platform.

How high can ASI reach in 2023?

The level of utility built into the ASI coin is readily apparent to all interested investors. Yet, ASI will also become a valuable governance token, delivering community-led governance to the platform, through which the members are granted full voting rights to determine the platform’s future.

This level of control goes beyond what investment property enthusiasts are accustomed to and presents another compelling reason why ASI attracts such interest among those looking to diversify. With this excitement at the early presale stages, analysts expect ASI to record impressive gains after the coin’s IDO, rising rapidly from its final presale price of $0.02274 to quite possibly breach the $0.50 barrier before the end of the year.

ASI is an excellent diversification for investment property experts

Holding a diverse investment portfolio is a perfect way for investors to minimize the damage of market fluctuations in one or two sectors. With nervousness growing in the real estate market, investment property experts looking for alternative investment opportunities could be wise looking to be involved in the ASI presale.

Tokens are available during stage 1 for only $0.015. With a rich growth potential for early-stage investors thanks to the exciting narrative of AI technologies, anyone reserving their tokens now could stand to record impressive gains in the short, medium, and long terms.

You can participate in the ASI presale here.

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