• Tuesday’s press release is in response to concerns from the community calling Arkham’s new product a “dox-to-earn” exchange.
  • Arkham said its Intel Exchange will not support trading off-chain information like phone numbers, house addresses, or government names.
  • The platform is set to go live on July 18 as an exchange where on-chain sleuths can monetize their skills and create a liquid market for information.

Arkham Intel Exchange will not support trading off-chain info, the blockchain intelligence provider said on Tuesday amid speculation that its new platform supports doxxing wallet owners. The company also has a public token sale on Binance and an airdrop for users.

“Intel-To-Earn” Vision Draws Criticism To Arkham’s Exchange

Arkham announced its Intel Exchange for monetizing blockchain information and allowing “talented on-chain sleuths” to earn for their work. The platform functions in a quid-pro-quo manner where information seeks post requests for data as bounties and sleuths can claim these bounties for a fee.

Conversely, sleuths or users with in-demand blockchain data can offer their intel for a buy-now price or in auctions.

The announcement was met with controversy and concerns from the crypto community, with many voices agreeing that the tool could be used to dox wallet owners and sell private information. Skeptics also noticed that referral links generated by users revealed their email addresses.

Arkham released a FAQs sheet on Tuesday to address “inaccurate reporting, doctored images, and other misinformation” about the Intel Exchange ahead of the launch next week. The startup said its platform is only for trading on-chain analysis and labeling, refuting claims about a “dox-to-earn” model that allows users to sell personal information.

You can’t exchange off-chain personal information like addresses or phone numbers on the Intel Exchange. No posts calling for or containing such personal information will be allowed on the exchange

The company also denied any affiliation with government agencies following rumors of ties with the CIA and FBI. Arkham added that user data is never sold on its platform. “Neither user private labels, imported addresses, or any other user data enhance information on the platform.”, today’s FAQs post reads.

Arkham's Exchange Will Not Support Off-Chain Intel Trading, Company Speaks On "Dox-To-Earn" Concerns 1
Arkham's Exchange Will Not Support Off-Chain Intel Trading, Company Speaks On "Dox-To-Earn" Concerns 2
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