• AltSignals is a financial markets trading signals service provider and it is working on an AI-based algorithm.
  • AltSignals is currently conducting the presale of its new AI-based native token ASI.
  • The ASI presale is currently in the second phase.

The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) technology has found its way into the crypto world and AI-based cryptocurrencies are seeing quite a boom buoyed by the AI hype.

Most of the AI-based cryptocurrencies are relatively new and were launched after the launch of OpenAI’s AI-based chatbot ChatGPT. Over the last seven days, most of these tokens have seen a triple-figure price rise. Omax Coin (OMAX) has raised by 108%, Forta (FORT) by 106%, and ChainGPT (CGPT) by 59%, just to mention the top three AI-based crypto gainers over the last seven days.

AltSignals’ AI-based project prospects

Since its launch in 2017, AltSignals has grown popular for providing quality trading signals to over 50,000 Telegram members. Its trading signal service has earned a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

Currently, the AltSignals team wants is working on upgrading its signal-generating service after its early success. The team is seeking to integrate artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced sentiment analysis in signal generation.

The new AI-powered trading platform, dubbed ActualizeAI, will be powered by the ASI cryptocurrency, which will be the unit of membership in ActualizeAI, with holders being able to vote on the governance of the platform.

AltSignals is currently conducting the presale of the ASI token and it is now at the second stage of the presale which at press time was 65.08 % sold out. Interested crypto investors can participate in the presale here.

Going by the success that ChatGPT has had since its launch towards the end of 2022, AltSignals’ ActualizeAI project could also receive a significant uptake. The quick sell-out of the first AltSignals’ presale stage, the BETA stage, is already a testament that investors have confidence in the ActualizeAI project.

Should I buy the ASI token?

Well, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and it can be quite a risky investment. Nevertheless, people have taken advantage of the crypto price movements and earned a good amount of money.

Although the ASI token is still new in the market, its price has been on the rise since the start of the presale. In the BETA stage, it was selling at $0.01200. It has increased by 25% to the current price of $0.015.

According to the schedule provided by AltSignals on its official website, the ASI is expected to continue rising in the remaining presale stages. It is projected to sell at $0.02274 at the end of the presale.

AtlSignals (ASI) price outlook after presale ends

AltSignals has already earned itself a reputation within the trading signals service market, which is a good proponent for the ASI token. Investors at least know they are investing in a trusted company which has been in the market for the past five years.

The price of ASI could skyrocket just like its AI-based cryptocurrency peers once ActualizeAI goes live and starts attracting active users. Also, the ASI token is scheduled for listing on Uniswap and several other centralized exchanges once the presale is concluded; something that could further add impetus to the price surge.

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