• Shiba Memu taps into the meme vibe with cutting-edge AI technology.

  • The project’s presale has surpassed $3.68 million in presale, with significant predictions.

  • Shiba Memu could surpass $0.1 in 2023 on account of its early success in presale.

Shiba Memu (SHMU), an AI-powered meme token, might be just a few weeks into the presale. However, there are huge predictions for the token on account of its highly successful presale. Investors have bought over $3.68 million worth of SHMU, suggesting a high demand and potential. But could SHMU be a replica of meme predecessors that have hit over 50x in the past?

The big Shiba Memu promise

In an ever-changing world of digital assets, aligning with the future is crucial to successful projects. For the meme cryptocurrencies, a perceived lack of value diminishes their future viability and adoption. That has questioned the sustainability of meme tokens and investment value.

Shiba Memu carves a path of its own through an AI feature. AI is growing in use in many spheres, generating utility through its powerful and intelligent analytics. Blockchain is one of the sectors with AI crypto coins growing in importance. By blending AI and memes, Shiba Memu aims to become sustainable and deliver a high ROI.

A key feature to achieve its objective is utilising AI to self-market itself. The AI will crawl the web for the best sentiment and creative marketing ideas to generate hype. Shiba Memu will also write its own PR and take on rivals through its powerful marketing. 

Shiba Memu beats rivals who depend on one-off events and influencer mentions to gain traction. This way, Shiba Memu can dominate social media chatter, growing in recognition and boosting its value.

What’s more? Shiba Memu is an engaging project. It features an AI dashboard where users can connect with the robot. They can ask questions, give suggestions, or poke fun. One can also learn about the latest in creative advertising. The features increase Shiba Memu’s utility by making it a true meme, capable of dislodging its predecessors.

Will Shiba Memu reach $0.1 in 2023?

Shiba Memu has a highly engaging presale, giving hints of its price potential ahead of listing in Q3 2023. Some analysts have earmarked a $0.1 to $1 price at the end of the year. While the predictions are speculative, they are realistic based on some factors.

First, Shiba Memu is valued at $0.032725. To get to $0.1 by the end of 2023, the token must rise by over 200%. We already know that meme cryptocurrencies elicit a lot of frenzies that push the token’s value. An example was PEPE earlier in the year, which returned over 10,000%. With the trends, a $0.1 is an underestimated prediction for Shiba Memu. Even if we take a prudential 1,000% increase, Shiba Memu would be valued above $0.3 at the end of 2023.

Secondly, Shiba Memu could be a meme alternative in a prolonged crypto winter. Predecessors like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are yet to overcome a slump that started in early 2022. The price of newly launched meme tokens such as Shiba Memu is yet to be unlocked. Investors could look at these unlocked opportunities as they tread carefully on the traditional memes. This could allow Shiba Memu to hit and surpass $0.1 in 2023.

Finally, a new dawn for an AI-powered meme is an opportunity many investors would want to take advantage of. The AI use could generate additional FOMO and facilitate the price discovery for Shiba Memu. A fast-selling presale shows the FOMO is already gathering steam. 

Should you buy Shiba Memu now?

Time is of the essence if you consider Shiba Memu’s investment. The value of the token increases each day at 6 PM GMT. 

Early investors get more value for their investments as they are rewarded with higher-priced tokens. For example, while the SHMU presale started at just $0.011125, the token’s value is now three times.

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