• Analysts have increased their expectations of a spot Bitcoin ETF.

  • A spot ETF would boost crypto sentiment, benefiting Shiba Memu.

  • Shiba Memu is a potential 10x investment in 2023.

Analysts are growing anxious over a potential approval of spot Bitcoin ETF. They believe the latest loss of SEC in the Grayscale case increases the odds for a spot ETF. Meanwhile, Shiba Memu’s presale has been in high gear as investors hold high hopes for the upcoming AI token. With over $3.8 million raised in presale, a potential spot Bitcoin ETF approval could be massive for the token. Investors can participate in the SHMU presale by visiting the project’s webpage.

A spot Bitcoin ETF beckoning?

Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart says a spot Bitcoin ETF is a “done deal.” The analyst commented upon reports that the SEC wouldn’t appeal the court decision on Grayscale Bitcoin ETF. The move will pave the way for converting the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust to spot ETF. 

Analysts now believe the market is pricing for a potential greenlight of a spot Bitcoin ETF. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has been trading at the lowest discount in almost two years. GBTC’s discount to Bitcoin’s net asset value (NAV) fell to 15.87% on October 13. The metric tracks how far an instrument trades from its real value. 

Analysts believe GBTC’s discount will narrow further as markets anticipate the first spot Bitcoin ETF. That comes even as Grayscale prepares to convert its trust product into a spot ETF. 

Crypto optimism to boost Shiba Memu

Shiba Memu has so far exceeded expectations after a fast-selling presale. However, a potential approval of the first spot Bitcoin ETF would add interest in the crypto token. 

A spot Bitcoin ETF would reignite interest in risk-on assets, fueling speculation, especially on Bitcoin. Consequently, meme cryptocurrencies have in the past benefited from improved crypto mood. The sentiment will pave the way for a potential uptake in Shiba Memu ahead and after listing. 

Apart from an improved crypto mood, Shiba Memu could become a challenger in the meme space. AI has been a hot development, with its prospects in Shiba Memu being an attraction so far. 

Unlike its meme peers, Shiba Memu aspires to be one of the most sustainable cryptocurrencies. It uses AI to self-market itself online and generate social frenzy. With meme predecessors suffering from market dips, investors may turn their attention to Shiba Memu. 

How does Shiba Memu work?

Shiba Memu fuses blockchain and AI, seamlessly building a marketing powerhouse. With AI, Shiba Memu taps into natural language processing to spot online mentions. It applies sentiment analysis and machine learning to assess investor perceptions and improve its marketing activities. 

Users will also play a crucial role in Shiba Memu’s growth. The project features an AI dashboard, which is an interaction platform. Users engage with the AI, ask questions, get feedback, and learn about Shiba Memu’s marketing interventions. 

The exciting bit about Shiba Memu is that the AI never gets tired. It learns and improves all the time, day and night. As such, the team believes the project can achieve as much work as 100 marketing agencies combined. 

Shiba Memu’s prediction in 2023, 2024

A major standout performance of Shiba Memu is its price increases during the presale. The value of the token increases every day at 6 PM GMT. The price dynamics give Shiba Memu momentum, with presale investors benefiting from the surge. 

Shiba Memu carries a huge potential based on the presale demand. Given the history of strong moves in meme tokens, analysts have earmarked SHMU a potential 10x investment. 

A prudential prediction is a 1,000% increase in value after SHMU lists in Q4 2023. In 2024, more project developments could allow Shiba Memu to sustainably increase in value. As a result, gains could be more than 10x, delivering substantial returns to investors.

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