• Memeinator aims to destroy weak and non-original meme tokens.

  • Memeinator has utilities in gaming, NFTs, and staking.

  • The project’s presale delivers 132% ROI with a bonus on token purchases during Christmas.

Think of this: The meme sector rose to a peak of $36 billion this year from a market cap of nearly $0 in 2020. The growth meant a lot for investors who trusted the asset class after it entered the crypto scene. But all is not rosy for all meme investors as some fell prey to meme rug pulls, scams, and subpar projects. Owing to this growing scenario of meme tokens, Memeinator wants to make the sector worthwhile again. Memeinator’s ultimate goal is to destroy non-original and low-quality memes. But what do investors stand to gain? 

Memeinator: Meme warfare to drive popularity

Unlike other crypto projects, Memeinator primary source of utility and popularity is destruction. Memeinator applies artificial intelligence to search and destroy its weak peers. The AI crawls the web and scans for targets, destroying them for good. 

Through the meme destruction role, Memeinator will build the engagement necessary to make it gain traction. As Memeinator gains popularity, adoption will grow, driving its price. The aim is to make Memeinator the most traded meme and attain a $1 billion market cap. 

The meme promise seems to have resonated well with investors as they eye potential gains in 2024. Immediately after the Memeinator site went live, over 1,000 people joined its mailing list. Now, at stage 9 of the presale, investors have bought over $2.3 million of tokens. 

Power marketing and branding to drive global adoption

The Memeinator team also outlines an ingenious method to grow and become popular. The team will invest in heavy marketing and branding to ensure everyone is talking about it. In fact, the team has set aside 15% of the amounts raised through token sales for marketing. 

To reinforce its marketing interventions, Memeinator will partner with leading influencers and platforms. The token will also be launched on the best exchanges globally to increase its access to many investors.

Considering its role as a meme token, marketing prowess could be a masterstroke for unlocking MMTR value. It is a step higher than other meme peers, which rely on single events to become popular. As such, Memeinator could strongly increase in value and deliver high returns.

Unleashing quality product portfolio and utilities

If you think of Memeinator as simply as any other meme crypto, then you are mistaken. An exciting product portfolio awaits early backers of the ambitious crypto project. At the end of the presale, the team will launch a game. Users play enemy combats, similar to the obliterating encounters Memeinator seeks to deploy. The game makes the project worthwhile and fun to invest in and cements the Memeinator’s destruction role.

NFTs may not be new to many, but it’s a feature Memeinator seeks to capitalise on and grow deep into Web 3.0. The team will launch exclusive NFTs for its community. Besides showing the creative works of the Memeinator team, the NFTs will empower its owners with future perks.

Investors can also commit their tokens to the Memeinator platform through a staking feature. The staking is an ideal way to earn rewards while facilitating the growth of Memeinator. 

Should you invest in Memeinator presale this week?

Memeinator has a huge potential post-listing, with analysts expecting up to 1,000% gains or more. However, the presale offers an attractive route to owning a high-value project. For each presale stage that passes, the price of the token rises, offering early returns to investors. The presale occurs in 29 stages and is currently in the 9th stage. By the time it ends, Memeinator will have returned 132%.

The Memeinator has also added a deal sweetener for token buyers during the festive season. For each $5,000 or more purchase of MMTR, investors are rewarded with a 10% bonus. For further information and how to buy Memeinator tokens, visit the project’s website.

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