• Bitcoin Dogs token is set for listing as post-listing speculation gains mount.
  • Investors have been attracted by Bitcoin Dogs as the first ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • The token could rise to $1 amid speculation and use cases.

As Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG) presale came to its ultimate halt on March 15, one thing was clear. The presale had exceeded expectations, raising nearly $13.5 million within a month. Investors were particularly interested in this token, being the first ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain. As such, predictions are rife that this token could surge strongly when it debuts on exchanges. Let’s dive in and explore the $0DOG potential as 100x predictions surface.

Bitcoin Dogs: A 100x potential token and the first Bitcoin ICO

As Bitcoin price hits levels about the 2021 record, attention has shifted to Bitcoin Dogs. Experts predict that as Bitcoin gains in value, Bitcoin Dogs will attract a positive sentiment. That’s partly because Bitcoin Dogs is the first-ever BRC-20 minted token. As such, investors looking for a share of the legacy Bitcoin network see Bitcoin Dogs as a sound alternative.

Being a Bitcoin-linked crypto token has won the hearts of Bitcoin Dogs backers. Bitcoin is the oldest blockchain and carries robust security features. This has allowed Bitcoin Dogs to ride the positive reception of Bitcoin and become a trailblazer in the presale. 

Besides, a lot of speculation remains in the crypto markets regarding Bitcoin developments in 2024. These include the approvals of the first spot Bitcoin ETFs earlier in the year and the halving event in April. The positive sentiment could flow into Bitcoin Dogs and help in its price discovery.

There is a lot to expect as Bitcoin Dogs eyes the next step in its budding life. That includes a listing on centralised exchanges (CEXs), scheduled for the first quarter. Owing to the strengths of Bitcoin Dogs in the presale, the listing will be met with a lot of token speculation. But Bitcoin Dogs has attracted attention with its exciting use cases. 

Biggest Bitcoin ordinals and Dogaverse experiences

Bitcoin Dogs spotlight seems to have also been inspired by its alluring NFT collection. This is a 10,000 unique and collectible tokens that would be available to $0DOG holders. And guess what? The collection will be the biggest Bitcoin ordinals NFT collection.

Users can curate and display their collectibles for sale within the Bitcoin Dogs NFT metaverse. Thanks to this feature, users have found a sound alternative to owning a piece of digital art. This comes even as Bitcoin NFTs gain popularity and Web 3.0 applications recover from the bear market lows. Bitcoin Dogs doesn’t stop there.

The platform features virtual interactions through its metaverse-themed Dogaverse. Fans are thrilled that virtual realities are fast gaining attention and Bitcoin Dogs is part of the transition. Once launched, $0DOG holders can immerse themselves in exciting experiences, opening up new opportunities. Fans can engage in dog training sessions, interact with fellow dog holders, and engage in competitions. As the metaverse ecosystem grows, the use case of $0DOG will be strengthened, boasting its price.

Bitcoin Dogs ($ODOG) prediction in 2024

A bullish crypto market, Bitcoin Dogs’ use cases, and its relationship to Bitcoin make the token attractive. This could allow $0DOG to surge wildly and claim a coveted 100x gain. Tokens that have attracted a lot of FOMO have risen and exceeded the margins in the past. 

With the presale’s starting price of $0.015, a possible 100x gain could see the token rise to above $1. Although speculative, favourable factors and investors buying the token on exchanges make the price realistic.

In the future, the price of Bitcoin Dogs will be pegged on its diverse use cases. The launch of the NFT marketplace and metaverse could see $ODOG deployed more in Web 3.0. Being the first Bitcoin ICO means Bitcoin Dogs will gain fast traction in the application areas. This will see the token continue increasing in value. 

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